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NIBERS – Partner Services

We are now official partner of SingX which is a Singapore based Fintech company. SingX offers Cross Border Payment Solution


Enjoy best rates and services*, if you apply through NIBERS platform

*Subject to SingX’s T&C


SingX is a home-grown fintech, which disrupts the cross-border payments industry. Currently, cross-border payments are largely handled by banks and can incur very high fees due to hidden costs such as foreign exchange markups, cable charges and bank commissions.

SMEs in Singapore have a need to make cross-border money transfers to pay their suppliers and employees overseas. The SME segment is faced with the challenge of high transaction charges and the inconvenience of filling in complex forms at a bank branch. The SingX solution is able to save SMEs 1-3% of their transaction amounts, thereby making exports more competitive and imports much cheaper.

SMEs can save considerable time and money in transacting foreign currencies, allowing for these resources to be more productively allocated

SingX is cheaper, faster and more convenient, significantly improving the customer experience by enabling payments anytime, anywhere

With SingX, opening an account is fast and simple - Just visit our website and sign up.

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